My spouse was recently diagnosed with left temporal lobe seizures via a 3 day EEG. She was “symptom free” from our perspective during those days, but had lots of seizure activity those days. No telling whats going on her brain on the days she has amnesia and other symptoms. Many people here offered to answer questions (I don’t remember who). I am going back over many things that have happened and trying to make sense of them. In June, my wife had hallucinations and delusions. Many strange things happened and it was chalked up to a psychotic episode from mental illness and poor medication compliance. One thing sticks out to me though. The day before she completely broke with reality, she had a strange event. In retrospect, I chalked it up to a reaction to a hallucination and now I wonder if it wasn’t a seizure.

I was in the kitchen and she was in the bedroom with headphones on. She walked in to the kitchen with headphones around her neck and cord just dangling (not plugged into anything). She then screamed like I’ve never heard her or anyone scream and fell to the ground thrashing. She ended up with bruises from wracking her arms and legs into the cabinets. It was so unexpected that my first panicked though was that she was being electrocuted. After the fact, she explained that she thought something was biting her and said it was extremely painful. I thought maybe her headphone cord tickled her and she thought something was biting her and over reacted (this was just one of so many strange things I didn’t know what to think). She’d been weird about thinking there were mice in the house for the last 24 hours and this was just one of so many bizarre things that happened.

In the coming days when she got worse, she believed that I put rats in her car to her bite her. She ended up stranded on the side of the road due to a combo of her car having low break fluid and the breaks not working properly (maybe - still unclear?) and also thinking rats were biting her legs. I always thought the kitchen incident was a response to a hallucination of a rat bite. Now I wonder if was a seizure. Obviously, we will fill her neurologist in on these symptoms. Not sure she ever told him because she didn’t go into detail about the specifics of the hallucinations.


Thanks for giving me a place to try to think this shit through.