This deals with the rise in popularity amongst millennials of fauxcest porn. Trigger.








I came across this article written a month ago about the rise of fauxcest and its popularity amongst millennials.

It is hard to find on xhamster or pornhub older 40 something women who are not with adult stepsons or sons, granted all fake. To me this is such the ultimate warping of love between parents and children even adult children


Yes people have fetishes and if they get pleasure watching adults roleplay fine. I am concerned with millennials and those younger watching. If teens in the 80s browsed at adult magazines in bookstores which were above People, Time, Asimov I am sure teens are watching in the internet or cable tv. Millennials I believe are all over 20.

Are we heading towards not just a rise in incest but almost an acceptance with college age or older and their parents or siblings?

About ten years ago there was a cover article in Time about the Peter Pan syndrome and its rise amongst twenty somethings. Is Oedipal and Elektra syndromes seeing a resurgance amongst those who are millenials?


My concern is porn and life tends to be spongable. Meaning what one sees in porn often influences one in day to day living. Not all the time, probably for most never. Yet it happens. I fear for some who watch this fauxcest may influence their relationships with parents and siblings. Not everyone can seperate fantasy and reality. Although it may influence parents and child. Many millenials will be parents and I am sure parents both mothers and fathers watch too.

My fear is what is this doing to their minds. Is even the fantasy of these videos and rise of fauxcest planting seeds where they do not belong. Seeds being fantasy or desire for family members.

This porn is obviously legal and I am sure for most fantasy. Yet even the fantasy seems to me to be an extremely dangerous path.

A few years ago on Dateline a mother was on who said she was single and was having sexual relations with her adult son. I dismissed it as fantasy amd wanting to be on tv. Yet now I wonder if the popularity of fauxcest couldn’t lead to what I dismissed as nonexistant to rare and increasing. I pray not, to me this is such the ultimate destructive warping of love.

Maybe fauxcest will influence no one but I am concerned.

Or I am overreacting.