I absolutely love tattoos of almost every variety, but I am as of yet uninked. No tattoos, no piercings (not even my ears!)—my skin is unblemished and unadorned.

Lately I've been considering getting a tattoo. Just a little one, with small clear lettering that says "bad wolf". It's a Doctor Who reference. I like it because it can have a lot of meaning (the interconnectedness of time, self-determination, an ordinary person becoming extraordinary, love and connection, blahblahblah) but none of that meaning is overly explicit or literal, and it's generally a little silly and geeky and not too self-serious. I like the balance between meaningful and slightly tongue-in-cheek. It would maybe be something like this:

What I'm wondering is: what do those of you who are not Whovians think when you see that tattoo? I'm so immersed in Doctor Who adoration that I can't imagine what images or connotations or assumptions would come to mind when reading those words if you hadn't watched the show. (sidenote: I know a dude who named his daughter Arya, which brings up obvious thoughts if you've read Game of Thrones. But a non-GoT friend said that his first thought seeing the name is Aryan, as in Nazis, as in the worst possible connotations you'd want a name to have. This is what I want to avoid! DON'T LET ME GET A SECRET NAZI TATTOO, GUISE!!!)

For those of you with tattoos: what considerations go into your decisions and choices? Any wisdom or regrets or words of advice?

Also, can those of you with tattoos share your pretty pretty inky goodness? I know there have been similar tattoo-sharing threads before, but there are new folk around now and heck, I'd love to see them all again anyway.