In a rare case for me, I had to call in sick my second day in a row. I have massive guilt about this, because I don't want it to appear like I'm shirking responsibility. I'm slightly better today than yesterday, considering that I managed to get up and put on makeup, but that was the extent of my energy. I tried picking out clothes and changing, but instead I just had a coughing fit and sat in bed staring into space for 5 minutes while sniffling and mouth breathing. So I called my boss and told her she doesn't want my germs.

Does calling in sick eat at your conscience? Do you ever feel the need to really really prove you're actually sick and not just ditching work? Please reassure me and tell me I did the right thing. If I could work from home, I'd at least try to get some stuff done. But my muscles ache, I sound like a hospital waiting room, and it's currently -15F outside with a wind chill of -22F.


ETA: This is also my personal big ol' FUCK YOU to people who feel the need to reward perfect attendance. Some of us just don't have the immune systems to go to work every day without fail.