DUDES. I got married yesterday! It was great! My dress was a disaster - the tacking at the top to prevent the poorly-altered bust from rolling down and exposing my boobs came unsewn 15 minutes before I walked down the aisle, and then we realized the bustle was done so poorly that the top layer of organza wouldn't bustle, so I spent about 30-40 minutes of my reception dealing with safety pinning it repeatedly! But everything else was PERFECT and beautiful! The flowers were just so insanely gorgeous, and my florist was a doll and gave us A MILLION more flowers than we asked for / paid for! I got SO MANY peonies! My dad, who is not a public speaker, gave truly one of the best father of the bride toasts I've ever heard! My HUSBAND cried a bunch more than I did. I get to go on a honeymoon today! Whee!

AND! Today, I unexpectedly got an email that I was offered an interview at my dream firm!

To counter that, the universe gave us a parking ticket today for the 2 minutes we went inside to get our wedding decorations from the venue.