I went to the assessment centre yesterday, and though I don't think I did anything wrong, except be very nervous during the presentation, there's no way I can compete with the other applicants. I'm usually great at presententations but the other applicants were so intimidating. It's for a buyer training scheme at a luxury department store, and all the other applicants were drop-dead gorgeous, fashionable, super thin fashion students with years of relevant experience, and there I was in my sensible suit talking about being a fish monger and working in a museum. I'm gutted because the position seems like my dream job - loads of international travel, flexibility and heaps of responsibility, the chance to move around the different departments (had my eye on the food department and the furniture) and a really good wage for the local area, which incidentally, has massive issues with jobs and is where I'm desperate to live because that's where my boyfriend will be for the next two years. I'll find out if I got to the next stage within two to three weeks, but I'm so disappointed because I put so much preparation into the interview and I barely got the chance to speak because there were 20 of us and they all were so much better than me. Absolutely devastated. Gifs appreciated.