I gave you a poll. Time to share what you all thought.

Some 60% of you read me as female. Slightly over 30% see me as queer in gender identity in some way. I've got to say I'm not entirely surprised. GT is a feminist space on the internet, explicitly. I was expecting more people to read me as female than male - that was my working hypothesis, even, that an ambiguous identity would lead to exactly that outcome in a feminist space.


What I wasn't expecting was the disparity. I was expecting at least something closer to 40% female, 30% male, 30% spread between the other options. I wasn't expecting this kind of disparity though.

The 8% who voted Other. Well, your answers were interesting.

I'll drop you a hint right now, though, for all your lovely patience. I am one of those first two options listed. I won't say which - that'll come later.


But there you have it. That you all and how you read me. I enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy it.