I just went to the grocery store and there is this middle aged woman sitting on the ground in the middle of the parking lot with her head in her knees and her bike splayed out next to her. I obviously assume that she fell of her bike so I went up and asked her if she was ok. This is how it went:

Me: "Excuse me miss, are you alright?"

Her: -Silence-

Me: [Slightly louder] Sorry miss, are you ok? Did you fall off your bike?

Her: [Super aggressively] Why are trying to come over here and converse with me?

Me: I was just trying to make sure you were ok, I thought you might have fallen.

Her: [Even more aggressively] Did you get some sort of message that you were supposed to come talk to me?

Me: [Obviously super confused] No...? As I said, I was just making sure you were ok.

Her: *mutters something in which she is clearly calling me a bitch*

Me: Well if you're not hurt then I'll leave you alone.

Seriously WTF. She is sitting on the ground in the middle of her parking lot in the fucking dark. It is days like these I wonder why I ever leave the fucking house.