Star Trek: The Next Disappointment (alternative title: Fuck You, J.J. Abrams)

Did anyone else see Star Trek: Into Darkness? Does anyone feel kinda disappointed with how it turned out? I mean I'm a hardcore fan and I really did enjoy the first one, but I felt like the fanservice in this one was patently ridiculous, with famous lines being uttered left and right (and in some cases, entire scenes being lifted). Which I found really jarring and disruptive whenever I was really getting into what was going on. Also, the pacing in this one is kind of off, which makes it hard to get into the movie in the first place. The opening sequence is pretty awesome, but from then on the plot is constantly twisting and turning. There's so much going on that we never really just get to see the characters interact free of like, paradigm-shifting conflict. Which is important, because at the end of the first one, they had only just come together as a crew. So we never really get to seem them interact in a "normal" context as a crew and then through the struggles in this film, finally come together to be a family. Like, that middle piece of the puzzle felt like it was missing.I dunno. I really wanted to like this, because it is funny and fun overall. And I don't think it's necessarily a bad movie. But I think J.J. Abrams is kind of a hack to be honest. Even once you get beyond the silly trivial criticisms like LENS FLARE, I think he uses style to cover up a lack of substance, and he's only able to get away with it here because this movie has the Star Trek name to it.And this is the guy in charge of the next Star Wars movies >_>