1. Beyoncé and Jay Z Show How Sexy Christian Marriage Can Be

I'm not religious, so I can't really pass judgement either way, but I thought this was a pretty fun perspective and it made sense to me, even if that's not how I would approach it.

2. Police Caught Planting Crack In Black Business Before Arresting Owner

Most of my interest in this is to do with the fact that even though we know the police were in the wrong here, the graphic used to lede the story is on the black victim next to a headline that reads Caught In the Act. I think you can tell where this is going.

3. Consent Panties Are Back, And This Time They're Real

Inspired by FORCE's consent panties VS prank, Amulya Sanagavarapu decided to create them for real! The slogans are pretty cute, and I like that she also included boxers. She specifically notes that they aren't going to stop rape or solve rape culture, but they are a fun/pressure-free way to initiate conversations about consent.