In a study surprising no one, UT Austin's sociology department has found more evidence reinforcing the somewhat schadenfreudic (I MADE A WORD YOU GUYS) phenomenon of red states being less friendly to marriage, family, and apple pie.

People living in areas with many conservative Protestants are at higher risk of divorce, even if they aren't conservative Protestants, U.S. researchers say.

That's interesting to me all by itself. It might suggest that the culture they create is poisonous enough to infect people who are not part of the culture themselves. Having lived in reddest-of-red northern Indiana for six years, I can attest to this. People get married at 19-21 there because that's simply "what you do," perhaps because there isn't anything else to do.

In addition, the researchers also said starting families earlier tends to stop young adults from pursuing more education and depresses their wages, putting more strain on marriages.

I mean, yeah. All of this is a complex of culture, really. I actually do think it's unfair to blame it specifically on conservative Protestantism — the religious makeup is just one factor in a whole collection of clusterfuckery that prevents social mobility and economic stability for people in these communities.


It's still schadenfreudic (MWAHAHA) though, given that the members of this culture are the same ones who shake their fingers at the rest of us for being ungodly, faithless hedonists with no respect for Traditional Family Values™.