I’m finding myself reading/seeing too many things I want to post here, so I’m gonna try a bit of an experiment and do a daily roundup of hard news so we aren’t bombarded 24/7. Of course, opinion posts and calls to action can continue to be their own posts and everyone is free to do what you want, but maybe it might just be more useful to have all of the factual stuff in one place. Thoughts? Suggestions?

First off, here’s a troubling piece with who is now Trump’s national security advisor (this was 6 months ago, look where we are now):

Park Guen-hye, whose approval level dropped to 5% (and makes you wonder who those 5% are) did, in fact, have a role in letting a non-government official look over classified information for personal financial gain.

Here’s a video explainer, the parallels to South Korea’s scandal and things to come with Trump are extremely troubling.

We cannot lose sight of the fact that Trump is settling lawsuits where he screwed over poor people to avoid impeachment.

Women scientists have joined forces to pen an open letter to the Rotting Pumpkin and general public. It’s definitely worth a read.

Not least because The North Pole is disturbingly warm.

Angela Merkel will be running for a fourth term.

North Carolina’s race is still undecided, and of course McCrory is still crying “voter fraud”.

I can’t even anymore with all of this corruption being rubbed in our faces.

Here is a detailed history of just how racist and dangerous Jeff Sessions is, and the potential harm it can lead to with him as attorney general.

I’m newsed out, but please add any more noteworthy news pieces in the comments so we can discuss them. Hopefully, this helps us compartmentalize some of this a bit so we can stay conscious while still working on coping and continuing on with our personal lives.