Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Ch. 1-3: Mistresses Margery and Dolores's Institute for Badly Trained Bulldogs and Children To Be Punished

We’ve left the Chamber, now we’re off to Azkaban! Your Professors begin Book 3, and this week we discuss: things Harry Potter is or is not; why flatworms are flat; revisionist witch burnings and whether or not Wendelin the Weird was actually helping; poverty-shaming the Weasleys; that OTHER Valley of the Kings;

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Ch. 18: A multitude of redeemed Lazari and a hailstorm of Ottaline Gambols

At long last, we have fought our way out of the Moste Raciste Chamber of Secrets! This week, we finish the book by discussing the symbolic value of Harry’s blood sacrifice as presented to Dumbledore; prefects’ special visitation privileges; a distressing look at Hogwarts security loopholes; what the adults in this

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Ch. 17: Thus the Lord cast out Satan, the Great Armadillo, and we all cried out for more rum

The final showdown with Hot Tom Riddle has arrived! This week on Advanced Muggle Studies, we discuss: Salazar Slytherin, the snake-fetish Zorro; differences in Chamber set design; enter Tom “Blofeld” Riddle; THE BIG REVEAL; sociopathic memories; dangerous toddlers; ironic narcissistic racism is ironic; and then the…