Racist Trashbag Screams 'Speak English' at Latina Mom in LA IHOP

Last week, a batshit racist trashbag in line at IHOP began screaming at a Latina mom minding her own business to “speak English!,” when said mom was simply having a conversation with her son, Carlos Vasquez. Latina mom straight up speaks English and, triumphantly, yelled back, “Shut up! You’re stupid!”

Paris Is Burning Screening Sparks Furor, Calls for Boycott

Last week, arts organization BRIC announced a June 26 screening of the seminal 1990 documentary Paris Is Burning as part of its Celebrate Brooklyn! program. Invited to help present the screening was the movie’s director, Jennie Livingston, musician/artist JD Samson, who was to perform a DJ set, and exactly zero queer…

White Male People Can't Appropriate the "Pain" of Ferguson

So, I engaged in a debate, against my better judgement with this kid I went to university with. This is a guy with a master's in political science. He has almost the same education as I do (mine is a bit longer-running but you get the idea). Anyhow, he posts this article about how women are oppressing men from…