Who is watching Halt and Catch Fire?

This season this show has gone from being Lee Pace’s vehicle to primarily focusing on the two very different women leads, whose relationship is growing and who are heading a software company. And extraordinarily, there was a storyline involving an abortion, which wasn’t about tragedy or women being punished but about… »7/14/15 8:24pm7/14/15 8:24pm

Let Us Celebrate Clair Huxtable, Feminist Icon, and The Cosby Show

As black women try to shake off tired tropes like the angry black woman, which the New York Times raised from its shallow grave yesterday, let's focus on The Cosby Show's career-driven matriarch that kicked ass at home and at work, Clair Huxtable. The show and the icon that actress Phylicia Rashad brought to life has… »9/19/14 6:17pm9/19/14 6:17pm