Let’s talk about tattoos! Share yours, inspire me, tell me stories, etc! Whatever you want! If you wish I can delete the comment/post later. Maybe in this proces you’ll all help me design my own tattoo ;)

For many years I’ve wanted a tattoo but never could manage to set my heart on a design. I decided that since I couldn’t pick anything that I loved forever it was the universe telling me I shouldn’t. The ex wasn’t fond of tattoo’s on girls either so I pushed the thought to the back of my mind.

From where it reemerged with ferocity some 8 months ago. I know why I want what I want, I just don’t know exactly what. Maybe someone here has some inspiration or tips for me?


I want a tattoo that will remind me of the lightness I feel in my life right now. The freedom to be who I want and do what I want. To remind me of how I’ve let go of such heaviness and darkness and to remind me to keep looking at the simple small and beautiful things in life. This doesn’t really refer to my breakup although the last months have instilled in me a stronger sense of confidence and love towards myself than I’d expected. When I was young I was very depressed, suicidal even. I had such hatred towards myself, it makes me sad today to remember it. As I remembered that moment and looked at the scar on my wrist (that has almost faded some 10+ years later) I weeped for my younger self and hope that I will never feel that way ever again. And feel relieved that when I got close to it a year ago, I managed to find the right steps to prevent it from happening again (and had GT to help me through).

So I want something small. Either on my inner left wrist and/or the right side of my left wrist/hand. Of course I’ve considered one of the many amazing GT logo’s but it seems a bit on the nose to me ;)

I’ve considered a sparrow, a feather, a paper airplane (also a triforce since I’m a huge zelda fan but that’s a bit too.. fangirly for me). But they all seem so obvious! I’d love it if whatever I got tattoo’d was simple but had a beautiful story. I thought about the line “The truest story seldom takes the shortest path.” from a book I’m currently reading but I don’t want a textual tattoo. I’m picky!


Does anyone know a cool story/legend/myth/quote that could lead to a simple visual that could remind me of keeping the lightness and the feeling of freedom in my life/heart?

I’m just gonna post a whole lot of styles I like right now so you kind of know what I like. Generally I like thin lines, dots, geometric shapes or watercolor or stylistic animals (flowy or geometric). Yeah. Makes it easy.

Edited to add this image. Damn this is intricate and AMAZING

ETA : I made a design! (I’ll be sick of it tomorrow) I’m a tattoo virgin so it should probably be small since I’m a wimp ;)