The Gawkerverse is on the verge of implosion, right? Between Scocca's Kinja Insider piece which prompted Jessica Coen's Sugarhill "burn" (gods, really Dodai?), and some choice Burneko replies, as well as one by the big guy himself where we kids hid in our room while Mommy and Daddy fought, to Kyosuke's Not Flounce after some uneasy moments on ROYGBIV...

What have I forgotten? Well, we crosstalked Rape which led to Race. And of course our mystery unshares continue... And that's just scratching the surface because I haven't even talked about New Kinja. Kind of makes you want to go back to our Guys, Can We Just Along? days.

*Kat, I know you didn't ask, but I can't help myself; I'm in the "try to present your piece, consider the comments if you want, but ultimately ignore them" camp, unfortunately - I can't see a better way to control the issue otherwise. You will always have more people come in and say "But my trans friend says _____" and replies to that, by you, will always come off as extremely "personal." So perhaps the best idea would be to make sure to follow every person who has commented on your site - who isn't expressly a troll - for ROYGBIV so that you can get a round of conversation going around your posts, not just at you.