You guys, I really don't give a shit about this royal baby (much like RAVENZMANE) unless, like so many people have suggested, it's actually Harry Potter.

On to the dumpage!

PROFESSOR PINK dropped some Fat Studies Poetry on us – and congratulations on your first mainpaging!

Speaking of mainpaging, CASTIELLE WINCHESTER shares a little bit of good news (FINALLY!) on the abortion rights front - and gets bumped all the way to the main page!

HEARTRATERAPID suggests an OKC roundup, and the people respond!

COFFEEJITTERS wrote a long post about me. Oops, it was actually about men that can’t clean up after themselves. So yeah, me.

CURIOUS SQUID had a helicopter mom AND a Lifetime movie argument with her, and a lot of other people told their stories. For the record, I was always provided for but my family doesn’t talk about…what do you call those things? Oh yeah, feelings. And after that, we got some really gross badvertising from the Jez main page.

HAMLETGOESSAFARI made our brains hurt. Seriously, IT’S SODA. Also…moist.

True Blood hates you, and AGAINST THE SKY tells you why.

LACOMTESSE may not be every woman, but she is a mom. And you can ask her about it!

ASHRONIN got us all talking about our OKC dealbreakers. Then we decided which sci-fi leads to fuck/marry/kill. Spoiler alert: Kirk/MacGyver/Cliff in Blast from the Past.

PARANOID_SHIKSA_FEMINISTA got an apartment and hosted a gif party!

BARELYLETHAL: BATTLE AXE SHITASS made a scarf and lots of you made things as well!


VIVACIOUSVICIOUS has some librarian questions and recaps Venture Bros. (I didn’t read because SPOILERS)

TYRANNOSAURUSBATAAR wants advice for not buying unnecessary things (luckily not everyone here is American).

REMEDIOSVARO got a job and passed a drug test and YAY ANOTHER GIF PARTY!!!!!

KCUNNING is schooling family friends.

THEREISNOFLUFFY and other people did a cute and wonderful thing!

SHINY RED ROBOT is going to be in North Carolina next month!

MCUNCOOL (Hey, that’s me!) is considering using his-my real name, for his-my writing-y writings.

QUASHITLIKEITSHOT has a therapist that just doesn’t understand.

KATEDAYSAWEEK made us seriously squee.

If Racism was a Burning Kitchen, JENNYDUCK would let us know about it.

HEATHER SIMON is thinking about getting a dog, but the POOP!

And finally, thanks to WANDERLUSTINGINGENUE, we all learned a little bit more about those silicone cups that you put inside your vagina. DIVA CUP ARMY UNITE!