I'm back, I'm back, I'm baaaaaaack! I've very much missed taking a Dump with y'all and went through a lot of emotional upheaval that had me backing away from the world - and that included Groupthink. I'm insanely grateful to Ubertrout for his mastery of droppin' deuces and for everyone that has found so much fun in sharing the contents of Groupthink's Toilet. Keep on squattin', y'all.

I haven't gotten anything of note done today, and I had important shits to get done. Excedrin and coffee and anxiety and nerves have made me feel like this guy.

.. but I so don't have his bouncy sleekly muscled possibly handsome but too quickly moving grace. Instead, I believe today has shaped up to make me look like this guy..

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

So with that in mind, let's get to it!

I Am Calm, But Thanks made Bread, and AshRonin made soup. SorciaMacNasty needs egg help. Whosits food porned us with enchiladas, and Namechanged brought green chiles to the yard. I ate cereal out of a box. (Yes, two of these are technically pre-Fluterdale's Dump but.. food.)

Erudita Vanitas prepares us for the death of Al Jazeera.

Professor Pink wins for this cell phone GIF alone.

Shame on Esodigoyo for singularly writing this.

Princess Fluffybutt is Lord of the Flies.

That stuff at the end of our fingers that some of us feel compelled to pamper gets special treatment from There Is No Fluffy.

Mary Tyler Gore is in the middle of the GT street raving about signing up for something. Gifts included!

Need tips for maintaining the healthy? RenoDakota's got you covered.

Adventures in Auto-correct with Aurora F.

TyrannosaurusBataar tells us about Classism and Ethical Clothing.

PeachywithaSideofKeen wants to know what you did with that dress that you wore for that one day that may or may not still be white or was never white to begin with.


Since my formatting skills probably still suck, and those GIFs aren't going to line up with their captions, I give you the follow up GIF to the purdy bouncing boy.

Also, don't forget about the Groupthink Chat! Things can get raunchy in there.