I feel like we've all got some sort of midsummer blues going on. Is it too much partying in celebration of Canada/the USA/Andy Murray? Is it that the weather is being a jerk? Are we all on our periods, even the Jezebeaus (is manstruation a thing? if not, can we make it be a thing?)? Whatever it is, crazy cloney Sam Rockwell from Moon (which you should all see if you haven't) and I love you whether you're cheery or grumpy. Feel all your feelings, Groupthink. Feel them hard.

And it's Beck's birthday, so if you're feeling up to it, it's a perfect day for a dirt dance!

Here's what we talked about today (let me know if I missed anything important):

Burt Reynolds is my Spirit Guide watched a movie.

Uppity got a crap letter from an OKCupid dude. SeaAnemone did too. Frustrated, BRIMSG wrote a decent fucking introduction letter for online daters. Please pass it along or use it yourself.

VTCKR had an awful encounter in a parking lot with her ex-yard guy and his jerk friends. The police were called, but she's okay. Meanwhile, a non-jerk showed JayneAlyson that parking lot encounters with strangers don't have to be creepy.

FluterDale had nothing for us but awkward pet pics.

cassiebearRAWR gauged the group for interest in a chatroom. Positive response led to Kyosuke finding us a place on IRC. (Please don't neglect regular Groupthink for chatroom Groupthink. Some of us can't chat all day. *insert puppy-eyed Puss in Boots gif here*)

Skittish is setting up a Kansas City Meetup for all you Groupthinkers in the middle of the country.

jer102 learned about "grains of beauty" from some French dudes in a hostel.

thereisnofluffy hosted a gif party to honor an overeager beau.

Ad Infinitum and others are annoyed at Jez commenters who want to deny feminism's race problem.

SorciaMcNasty will fight you, Monday!

FluterDale doesn't want to pit celebrity sibling against celebrity sibling in the battle to win our hearts and minds.

Greenheart articulated some of the problems of The Lone Ranger.

Bumblecat has some questions about periods and pregnancy.

Don Juans Reckless Daughter thinks her boyfrand's ex-student may like him like him.

Pocket_Copter, unlike the Insane Clown Posse, doesn't think miracles or being blessed have anything to do with selective lives being saved in catastrophes.

And Medusa_Asudem did something righteously wrong.