A lot of people got posting privileges today! Welcome Paradoyxmoron, RedhandedJill, ImaMonster, MiracleWhips19, BabyOtters, BagelandLocksley, LuckyMC44, NameChanged, Soup R Crackers, GhengisKhan't, MissHoneyChurch1888, Ossifrage, Ihatepickingnames! (sorry if I missed anyone! if you're not linked here that's because you get another linked article below.)

LuckyMC44 and RedhandedJill wrote about books that feature strong female characters.

PrincessFluffyButt told her story about "being one of the guys" and how the Jezzie community has helped her accept all of herself - the parts of her that are feminine and the parts that aren't.

GhengisKhan't talked about how everyone in America is Irish - what is up with that?

BlueJeans creeped us all out by reminding us how everyone knows everything about you.

FluterDale shared about her feminist dad and made us all cry.

MissHoneyChurch1888 started a discussion on problematic movies you still love.

NinjaCate discussed an important article on tone policing and why it is not okay.

Happy Birthday Professor Pink!

And also, congrats JennyApples on the Applet and your recovery! Welcome back to GT! (even though this was posted at 2am Thursday, that was US time, and she's in Britain, so I rule it still counts.)