Happy Tuesday, everyone! Have some potatoes while you catch up on the recent Groupthinkings. Or something. If there's something you think should be here that isn't, let me know!

chritter told us a story about the badass missus and NYC people.

zap rowsdower shared an incredibly moving series of photos.

The only way Burt's Craigslist poetry could be better is if it was actually written by Daniel Craig.

Sandra Dee told us about Firthzilla, but jennyapples reports that he seems to have gone into hiding.

paranoid_shiksa_feminista was mainpaged with an awesome/sad video about Ohio and your vagina.

Eldritch found some awesome street art that is not okay with catcalling.

Ubertrout made us all fall in love with Chiwetel Ejiofor as James Bond and also talked about his racist mother.

doit2julia! shared a really great video about Dustin Hoffman.

Kinja is trying to pull a fast one on us (well, on io9) but Yo, Stapler! is on it.

Korra blew our minds and it was pretty much the best thing ever.

MyDearPeabody shared an article about rape and gender norms.

Ivriniel gave us our daily dose of history by introducing some bad ass sisters.

TroughOfLuxury wants to put this thing about being childless on some clothings, or on some anything really.

The internet's weird uncle cos-posted about cos-posers and how he's cos-positive they're not a thing.

FluterDale has a lot of thoughts about fear, gut feelings, and upholstery.

Finally, JayneAllyson is a little weirded out by how offended people get on behalf of minorities.

With that, I'm off to go see if the store has instant mashed potatoes. And if I actually want to buy instant mashed potatoes or if I have more sense than that. [ETA IMPORTANT POTATO UPDATE: they do not have instant mashed potatoes. This is probably for the best.]