Guys, I'm a little worried. We all know the NSA is spying on everything we do, and I'm here to report that it may have spread to Groupthink.

I opened my browser like it was any other day, and found that my fellow Groupthinkers aren't just trying to share ideas about feminism, life and all that stuff, but that they are trying to peer into my very soul and pry out all my secrets.

What else can I conclude, when:

Mrs. Lovette wonders what our favorite books are? And hopes politely that your favorite books have not been listed on the 28 Books that Make You Look Like an Idiot, courtesy of Smilla.

Paranoid_Shiksa_Feminista inquires about the dating, how do you do it?

Pantsless innocently poses the question of what rabbit holes your time gets lost in when you visit Wikipedia?

Ravenzmane, for no reason, you guys, just wondering, would like to discuss how you compare to your former HS classmates, and where are they now, and do you have their social security numbers? (I might have made that last part up, but I'm sure it was implied.)

I don't know about you but I'm seeing a pattern.

Kinda makes me want to hole up and hide. Listen to a good podcast, like this one that features a post from Burt Reynolds is My Spirit Guide.

It's not like this has been a banner week for going outside. Korra can't go out in public without her attractiveness being a factor in how people treat her, and she's confused about how to feel about this. Texas has gone batty, and now SouthernSatine reports that North Carolina is vying for a luxury car on the What Womens' Rights? Express. (Although, woe unto ye if you threaten to just pick up and leave your particular Crazy State. Burt Reynolds is My Spirit Guide would like to have a word with you.)

I mean, whatever you do, it's probably not safe to go outside. Not only may you be followed, but you might also have to deal with parody anti-rape poster jackassery (thanks, citizen LucyWoodhull! Of course, it's fair to ask which was worse - the parodies, or the actual serious victim blaming posters. NightcheeseNightman has thoughts.)

Now, if you decide to go off the grid, you might want to check out Florida, as Penabler tells me they have banned the Internets.

You could try moving to New York, you know, get lost in the masses. Just know that SouthernHelle informs me that you probably won't make it for the potentially offensive and now postponed Indian Awareness Day.

If you have objections to rape victims having no options in case of pregnancy, don't go to Chile. Damaris Egana has done the research, and it is heartbreaking. So that's out for...pretty much everyone.

Of course, wherever you go, remember that even off the grid, feminism is important. Fight for it in your new life. (Although, as Medusa Asudem points out, you're probably undermining feminism every time you buy tampons. So there's that. We should all feel bad and stop having periods immediately. Dudes, you're one step ahead.)

So, all in all, staying inside and hiding forever seems to be the best option.

Although... maybe it's not so bad. Sure, maybe the Groupthink Security Administration is learning all of our secrets. (Possibly this could be just because, you know, friendship and social interaction and stuff.) But maybe this brings us closer together. Maybe I don't have to hide.


And maybe not every state will take a ride on the Crazy Train. Burt Reynolds is My Spirit Guide believes they won't, and is happy to provide anti-SB1 petition to prove it! Maybe Texas isn't lost. Maybe there's hope for America, and for me being an internet-using, spied-upon-by-the-NSA member of this society. After all, people are still happy to become citizens — Heather Simon is a prime example!

Maybe I can go outside again after all!

Then again, it could just be a trick.