Today would have been Don Knott's birthday! I offer the above gif in celebration.

I just want to say this is such an amazing community we have here, and I'm so glad I get to be a part of it. Thank you all! Now, onto business:

SeaAnemone wants to know how you put on/take off your bra

JennyApples (welcome to the world Applet!) rightly calls out a main page article for its unsolicited advice and utter bullshit

Coffeejitters wonders about being too empathetic

TyrannosaurusBataar shared Beautiful pics of trans women in 1950s Paris

Ravenzmane had an odd encounter with an overly frisky friend

More OKCupid shenanigans! Uppity shared their favorite messages, thereisnofluffy got unasked out by an OKC suitor, and heartraterapid's OKC match really wants to know how you ate doing AND apparently has dominant eyes

HermioneStranger shares her thoughts about an xoJane article

Ashronin started a conversation about new obsessions

Raindogwaiting took the noble route with a potential sale

To get all meta on you, Ubertrout posted Daily Dump Clarifications

Rattie Mattie asks for your favorite recipes

Rawrglicious would like for people to stop being a creepy creeper

Dzsesszika gifted us all with some very helpful travel tips for hotel booking and stays

LizzHaa shared an awkward moment and would like to hear about yours

Medusa Asudem made a questionnaire for her online Phys Ed course "about shit that influences our eating habits and health product use"

themeaghanshow posted Geraldo Makes Everyone Close Their Laptops at the Same Time (click through if you dare!)

from Kookaburracho: On the Holocaust and Survivorship: Bringing a Mainpage Debate to GT

BlueAlaskan and others shared some Sunday Fluff

paranoid_shiksa_feminista asked about your motivational jamz

Hello_My_Lover posted The “Recovering Racist”

Heather Simon shared a video: Girl Would Rather Die Than Be Sold Off Into Marriage

HermioneStranger calls tumblr on their bullshit with Tumblr's new porn crackdown hurts gays, lesbians, and bisexuals

clarabellum posted Shaving down there: The great paradox of womanhood

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and enjoys what is left of it!