I kept telling both my wife and her doctors that something (other than bipolar) was wrong with her. I’ve known her a long time in both medicated and unmedicated state and her behavior (bizarre behavior and a full blown psychotic break) the last year seemed out of the ordinary even for her. We finally got the results of a 72 hour EEG which ended up being from an out of network provider who billed us $20,000 (that’s another rant, also fuck them). Turns out she’s having multiple left temporal lobe seizures per day while awake and asleep and the 72 hour EEG happened to be on “good” days during which she exhibited no strange behavior. I can only imagine what’s happening in her brain on the weird days when she falls down and gets confused. The seizures are happening in spite of the fact that she takes large doses of anti-seizure medications for bipolar. Even her neurologist is baffled. I can’t help but think some of her strange behavior is due to having multiple seizures on a daily basis.