Has inspired me to ask a few questions about working out and hair.

I sweat. Really bad. Particularly when I work out. I don't mind it, except when it comes to my hair. I usually like my hair straight, because I am too lazy to manage poofy hair. But when I work out into hair is donezo. Like I come home, try and put leave in conditioner (before and after my workout), blow dry it, press/flat iron it, wrap it up for the night, and yet when I wake up my hair looks like it's just air dried and my wrap/style is gone.

I wrap my hair up while working out (with a scarf but not covering the top of my head), but it still comes out looking a mess. I tried headbands and wrapping my hair up, but the headband seems to concentrate the sweat on my hair which is really the opposite of what in trying to do. Does anyone have any tips on hair management before/during/after working out that can help maintain my hair style?* I heard Nicole Ari Parker created this hair scarf so that women won't sweat their hair out, has anyone used this? Please if you can, provide me with some suggestions (hair products, scarfs, wrapping styles, ANYTHING).


*Perms are off limits. I just got my hair dyed for one. Also I haven't put a perm on my hair for almost two years now, and I am not getting one ever again.