In between putting out tiny work fires and getting important things did, we've been having FEELINGS. There have been nasty trolls (was that just me?) and nasty life stuff and nasty nasty nasty.

Bunnies Dump.
And when we have a bad situation, thanks to Burt Reynolds is My Spirit Guide/Rebecca, now we DUMP BUNNIES.

It's raining bunnies!

Wait. That bunny is creepy. Not that bunny. This bunny:

First off, bunnies are white. So is this dress. I'm not just saying it because I think CandySummers is fun - this dress is pretty. She gets a bunny! See Bunny #1

Headless women in ads are scary. This deserves a bunny bomb. BOMBS AWAY, Barleychew.

This birth simulator article didn't originate on GroupThink, so UberTrout is probably going to fire me, but when I clicked it, the first thread I saw talked about Klingon birthing rituals. You guys know me and my Klingons. (JennyApples? Are you out there? KLINGONS!) Thanks for sharing, KCunning. You get a bunny! See Bunny #2

Confused about the origins of bunny bombing? Rebecca/BRIMSG has you covered. I have to link it here because if you don't link all of BRIMSG's ideas, Rebecca starts to complain about conspiracies in the Dump. I'M NOT GETTING PAID OFF BY THE TROUT, BRIMSG. I AM STILL WAITING TO RECEIVE A PERSONAL CHECK FROM YOU. You only get one vodka bunny. See Bunny #3

Got a problem with sexualizing bodies? NcCyclist might have a bunny bomb for you. What a fluffy bomb!

NinjaCate is the bombiest of all bunnies. Does that not make sense? I've obviously been into BRIMSG's vodka.

Brag Bag is one of my favorite GroupThink features, but Iron Ma'am posted it while I was working. All of you braggarts get a bunny but IM gets zero bunnies for not being more considerate in the brag scheduling!

The dude this commenter is talking about doesn't even deserve a bunny bomb. Just a regular one. This saga is oddly fascinating. Thanks for sharing, GoodtimeGirl. You get a bunny, too. See Bunny #4

BRIMSG posted something about Burt. (Check. Mail. Send it. No bunnies.)

Gross plastic surgery stuff. Girlwithgraywings gets a bunny for sharing, but the surgeon in question gets a whole lotta bunny bombs.

People suck. VivaciousVicious gets bunny hugs. See bunny hug #5

Bonus bunnies for the use of the words pubic mound. Mimi gets a cute bunny. See cute bunny #6

When education fails, people spell it bunnee. Where have you been, Kyosuke?

I'm taking bets on how long it will be before Kirov admits she's keeping this cat. On the off chance I'm wrong, one of you should take it. It's a cute kitty.

I'm an expert on everything. MrsManzana is not talking about me. She gets a bunny. See lopsided bunny #7.

It doesn't look like a real word anymore, guys. That's how I know it's time.