So... I had SUPER high expectations for this episode, which definitely has colored my perception of it, and if I had gone into it not expecting excellence I’d probably have liked it a lot more. It wasn’t bad, but certain things I’ve been dying to see didn’t pay off as I’d hoped. Random points follow:


1. when Bill shot the Doctor...? so, so painfully contrived and forced. There was no reason for her to have shot him, and there was no reason for him to have wanted her to, except to keep pushing their V for Vendetta vibe, I guess, and to get in their regeneration fakeout trailer bait.

2. Day of the Moon vibes throughout, and MAJOR GIGANTIC Silence in the Library/FOTD vibes at the end. And the entire bit where the Doctor is describing the memory of Bill’s mom, I have been looking for a transcript of the dialogue but can’t find it yet. Suffice to say, my River feels continue unabated.

3. I hate that I already know there is no way in hell Missy will ever be/stay good and the Doctor is just going to be heartbroken all over again because nothing in this show can permanently change. You can’t keep the show going indefinitely without committing to something occasionally. Take a risk! But instead I will have my heart smashed because I frickin LOVE Missy.

4. The resolution was just way too easy-cheesy.

5. But, Twelve and his wonderful Earth daughter continue to be the sweetest purest most wonderful thing. (Quite like Nardy too, despite the continual hate he gets.)

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: ultimate culmination of grumpy curmudgeon 12 and sweet floofy Doctor Dad 12. GOD DAMMIT CAPALDI STOP MAKING THIS SO HARD FOR US!!!


Oh and how did I almost forget to mention the HEY REMEMBER FASCISM?? FAKE NEWS!! I COULD ERASE RACISM FROM HISTORY! stuff continues in full force. DW and SHIELD both are on a roll this year.