I was reading this article in The Atlantic, which posits (accurately IMHO) that Matt Smith did a great job as The Doctor, but was disserved by Moffat: The writing and plotting shortcomings of Doctor Who have been so glaring for the past couple of years that the 50-year-old BBC sci-fi show's growing popularity in the United States (even as its ratings have sagged a bit in the U.K.) has to be attributable to something other than the stories. Most notably: the energy, charisma, and likability of the show's leading man.

In the comments, this transpired:

I'm betting most of the folks in this argument would reflexively roll their eyes at the idea that spelling "Christmas," "Xmas" means anything. Doctor Who Nerds: stop trying to school people about spelling. It doesn't make you a better fan; it just makes you a pedant.