Doctor Who. Who’s watching??!?!!! I’m like 20 minutes in and it is every bit as wonderful as I had hoped and I am going to cry okay.

When Bill’s talking about how she doesn’t have any pictures of her dead mother and asks the Doctor if having pictures helps if someone’s gone, and he looks at the pictures of River and Susan on his desk and then he goes back in time and takes pictures of her mom and she finds a whole box of them!!!! Omgomgomg this precious cinnamon roll, 12 is so sweet now I can’t stand it.


I love Bill. I LOVE HER. I have known from basically the moment I laid eyes on her that I would love her and I was right. She is delightful and real and funny and I love her.

The Doctor and Nardole are up to something in the basement. Something with Gallifreyan stuff on it. Nardole is supposed to be on a secret mission in this series. Look I know there’s a new showrunner coming up and it’s unlikely that major points are going to carry over, but.... some people have a favorite Doctor- River is my favorite Doctor. They are working on something, dude. Between that and the 1814 Frost Fair in ep 3...

AHH. I have feelings. Lots of feelings.

Also, please observe my favorite things (kinja formatting will do what it wants, I can’t control it.)

/ugly crying