I read an early review of this episode that said it was the first flop of the season, but while nothing has lived up to the Pilot for me yet, I liked this one fine and thought it fit in with the high quality of the season so far. Although the criticism I read was mainly that it was all set-up for the next episode, and I won’t necessarily argue with that. I’m gonna watch it again when it comes on BBC America because I think there were a few little things I might’ve missed- lots of great dialogue bits that showed Moffat’s hand in the episode.

I also love that we started with a zoom-in on Twelve’s prodigious floof.

Welp so he’s not blind anymore, thanks to deus ex machina, but alright. And it looks like the next episode is when things start to get wild and we will find out what is up with this “regeneration unlike any one we’ve seen before” they’ve been teasing. I know people are saying the regeneration in the next episode is going to be a fakeout, but Capaldi did say he filmed his regeneration already before the Christmas episode started filming, so I’m really curious to see how they’re going to play that.


Oh, and Nardole! I hope that guy’s alright!! All Nardole haters can fight me. He is possibly the most unassumingly enigmatic character that has ever been seen on Who. Presents as a cowardly bumbling idiot, but always comes out of nowhere with serious skills and delightful sass. I want to know wtf he is, also. He’s not human, but could just mean he’s alien. He needs to breathe and is susceptible to stuff the Doctor isn’t, but in the Pilot he was creaking like the Tin Man and dropping bolts. WHAT IS HE.

Anyway. Psyched for next week! AND MISSY!

Oh and obligatory addition: