Yesterday we had a frowny-face gif party about Fedoration member and part-time Hobbit, Martin Freeman, making a brutal rape joke during a Danish TV interview. If you missed it, Freeman gleefully detailed — in response to a question about which race of the Tolkien Universe he'd most like to date — how he would drug and rape an elf as a "helping hand" due to the height difference.

You would think that that would be enough for anyone to say, "Hey, that was a really terrible rape joke. He shouldn't have said that really terrible rape joke."


But you'd be wrong. You see, first of all — idiot — elves aren't people. And so maybe elf rape is actually really nice and it doesn't matter anyway because they don't exist (ignoring the fact that all elves in the movie are played by actual humans).

You'd also be wrong, dummy, because it was just a joke. But more importantly, it was a British joke. Therefore, you helpless philistine, Martin Freeman is British and what we're witnessing here is some of that great British humor we've all come to know and love. Like Are You Being Served, if Grace Brothers was now selling rohypnol on the side.

I bet you feel pretty stupid now. But just in case you don't, here are more great arguments from the denizens of Tumblr to explain to you why you're so, so wrong about all of this: