... was a gyno practicing at the hospital where I received my gynecological care DURING THE PERIOD OF TIME THAT HE WORKED THERE (the Gallia County, OH hospital). I grew up near there and saw 2 different gyns at that hospital during college - a male, whose name I don't recall but was not Dr. Muffley, and a fabulous female gynecologist who I believe is no longer practicing (a real disservice to women in the area). HOLY CRAP, I dodged a real bullet, eh?

And to think - I went there because the ob/gyn at the hospital in my hometown had been accused of boundary issues because he gave each patient a red rose after their appointment!

No mainpaging (not that it would be, but the reason I didn't comment on the mainpage is because I know people I know read the mainpage and this, in combo with other info I post, would be doxxing if someone I knew thought about it for 1.5 minutes).