I know, I'm late to the party. But this show. It is so good. It is also so, so violent. I've blown through the first two seasons and am onto the third (I also watched the first season twice in one day so that NightDude could join in).

Thanks to all who weighed in on whether it would be too scary for me (it isn't) and whether I'd like it (I do).

Basic thoughts:

The scares: Enh, not so bad. The suspense is great and I really enjoy it, but OH GOD WHY IS THERE SO MUCH GORE HOLY SHIT I CAN'T WATCH IT ANY MORE IT MAKES ME ILL


The misogyny: It's not even close to as awful as the comics, but it's still consistent. I'm able to turn off my feministy brain and enjoy it regardless.

The zombies: So badass.

Shane Walsh: I would hit that harder than he hits zombie-brains.


Seriously, you guise. Seriously. With his high-pants and his plunging neckline and his rampant douchebaggery, he is everything I hate in real life, and yet somehow still manages to be sex on legs.


I would also enthusiastically bang Glenn and Daryl, because clearly this needs to be all about my lady boner. Stayed tuned for more exciting updates from "NightCheese catches up on pop culture from several years ago!" Next up: I listen to Enrique Iglesias for the first time**(kidding, this was my middle school anthem!)