...well not sure if he classifies himself as that but I ran out of words in the title. Someone posted this on Facebook and I can't help but roll my eyes.


As much as I do think people should be able to believe what they want even if it's not what I believe, I'm honestly annoyed. The person that posted this all of a sudden became super Christian. I think I do have a hard time with people who suddenly profess their love of Christ and this probably has to do with the fact that my dad turned into a super devout Christian a few years after getting with my stepmom (the woman he cheated on my mother with) and marrying her. I couldn't really take Christianity seriously after this. So yes, I'm biased.

Edit: I'm writing things all funky lately. Just to be clear, I wrote the second paragraph in reference to the guy that posted this video of the song of what I assume to be a Christian rapper. I guess he agrees with the lyrics and I just find it funny how all of a sudden my Facebook friend became this Christian guy. Plus you know, the lyrics to this song is just ugh...