Or whatever shit people tend to say that is seriously uncalled for!

Anyways it turns out that we did start our family on our honeymoon, so...

GT, meet Ember.


We adopted her today from my parent's county's SPCA. Our apartment only allowed declawed cats, and because we would never do that to a cat, we looked for ones that were already declawed. We ended up looking at 3 cats and Ember was the oldest at 6-7 years old. We held her and she purred loudly and rubbed her head on us, we couldn't let her go. Because her previous owners (had her for about a month) were total assholes and yelled at her/ probably hit her, she peed and pooped all over their house so they gave her back. They also had kids and dogs. Ember is a queen that needs lots of love and affection, which is exactly what we have to give to her. We kept her old name Ember that she had her whole life before those jerks (who named her Stella). She only has to be alone maximum of 5 hours on some days. Also we have the next week off to get her used to our apartment and us. We are in love with her, she has not had an accident today and she has eaten, let us brush her, followed us around and rubbed against our legs. She even came into bed with us! They said she probably would have never been adopted because of those "behavioral issues" with those jerks and her age, i'm so glad we got to meet her and now she's a part of our new family!

I can't stop smiling.