I have been waiting impatiently for this episode since the first trailers came out because I am a hopeless River fangirl and this:

And I expected at LEAST a mention, because like, they’re literally there? at the same time? crossing his timeline? And I think a couple earlier Doctors have also been there for this specific fair. So... needless to say, I was disappointed. Like, I would’ve accepted hearing Stevie Wonder in the background and having them make a hasty exit stage right. Or like, the sorta weirdly long and sad beat when he was remembering some algae emperor who fancied him last week? I’d have settled for one of those.


I mean, mainly because I’m an unabashed River fangirl, but also because I like to have some semblance of continuity????

Plot-wise: um, haven’t I already watched this one? On a spaceship with Amy in her nighty?

Character-stuff wise: Gold, of course. Everything with Twelve and Bill is gold. I love them so much. I thought this was a really good take on “companion seeing the dark side of the Doctor for the first time.” Eleven had like a switch that flipped between goofy happy sweet and scary angry rage, and he also went into ragemode when he was just kind of being a whiny bitch (I say this lovingly, he is my favorite.) And Ten had his moments of “whoa I forgot he could be angry and I’m scared now,” but in Twelve it seems like the two sides of the coin are more integrated into one personality, to me.

Ugh. Cannot stop my eternal sadness at losing him after this series.

I’ll let others speak to how the issue of racism was handled in the episode, but personally I quite enjoyed watching him punch a racist in the face.

Oh and that’s definitely Missy in the vault. Right?

And the gifs are in.

IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! Deleted scene from Sarah Dollard:

Friggin knew it!! Why can’t I have nice things!!