Presented with minimal judgment, by a slightly peeved (due to unrelated matters), much jetlagged European ex-Pat.

  1. Tipping. I know in most states it's considered part of your wages, but why can't companies just pay their employees a livable wage?
  2. The obsession with heritage. That's wonderful that you're 1/8 Irish... If you ask me two drinks from now if I knew your great-grandmother, I might just say yes.
  3. Direct to consumer marketing of pharmaceuticals. So you can diagnose yourself and then refuse to settle for the generic? What purpose does this serve?!
  4. False positivity and excessive smiling. Everything isn't "awesome", so why do you have to insist that it is, you fucker? (speaking of which...)
  5. Why is everyone so uptight about swearing? You can own a fucking arsenal, but God forbid you use profanity.
  6. 'Bubble culture'. It's astounding how little many Americans know about the rest of the world. I've been asked on numerous occasions when is Ireland going to become independent from the UK and what was it like growing up with the IRA. The answer is roughly 90 years ago, and I have no clue; I grew up almost 400km away from the Troubles.
  7. Corn. IN EVERYTHING. Things I don't still don't understand about the States