Things I want for my wedding:

  1. Breakfast buffet (regardless of time of reception) with waffle bar
  2. My dad to officiate
  3. The Pacific Rim theme song to play as I walk my own damned self down the aisle
  4. A dresss made of Marimekko fabric
  5. Not in the suburbs

Things my mother wants for my wedding:

  1. In the suburbs in a place I've never heard of let alone been to

We've had this conversation twice in the last five years. She gets to propose it one more time and ignore my repeated "no" before she's cut out of the entire process or told that she can pay for a performance and I'll show up, but it won't be my wedding.


She even recognized that she'll have to take my best friend out there to convince her that it's the best venue. My mother has already had two weddings of her own, and has even told stories about how important it was for her to get married at the first church, how vital it was to her experience, without recognizing how laughable it is that she's ignoring my own repeatedly expressed desire to get married anywhere that isn't in the suburbs.



How are you tonight? Tell me about YOUR wedding (or your dream wedding).