I'm watching a movie. It appears to be Sherlock Holmes fanfic with a Kraken and Spring-Heeled Jack that I should definitely not confuse with the Robert Downey, Jr blockbuster*. I'm 5 minutes in. I have no idea what's going on yet but I've already heard the Wilhelm Scream. The Wilhelm Scream is a sound effect that is so commonly used that it's become an in-joke to use it.

I introduced Cute Boy Person to the Wilhelm Scream about a year ago and now when we watch movies or TV we point excitedly, laugh, or clap when we hear it. It's one of those things that once you know what it sounds like, you notice that it's everywhere. You cannot unhear it. Seriously, I am trying to ruin your life.

And towards that end, I bring you a YouTube clip of Wilhelm Screams. Enjoy recognizing the Wilhelm Scream for the rest of your life. Please don't send me any bombs. kthx.

*The movie description actually starts "Not to be confused with the Robert Downey Jr. blockbuster...."