This Anthro furniture is so stupid, it actually makes me mad.

This was not only designed and built by someone, but it had to be financed and mass produced, and someone at Anthropologie had to go through at least a dozen approvals to buy this thing and sell it. And someone out there will buy it, probably.

I just wanted you guys to know. This piece of idiocy can be yours for the price of 1,498 actual dollars. You can actually go to a job where someone will give you a task to do for money, and you can use that money to buy actual shame in dresser form.

I think my brain just broke.


This is the absolute dumbest thing I have ever seen. I'm going to get in a cab now and be driven far away from this monitor where the image of this "furniture" made and sold by a bunch of goddamn loons has forever tainted these delicate pixels.