EDITED: My husband talked to the property manager and told him we felt unsafe and threatened. They documented it and suggested we call the police if she continues with the harassment, which we will. I'm not worried about CPS coming. I know my husband and I are great parents and our kid is safe and happy and all her needs are filled.

And I'm freaking out. She said she's been listening to my kid cry since January and she will call CPS if it continues. I think my exact response was, "What? She's two!"

I just immediately froze, I was shocked and stunned because I am my no means the perfect mom, but I'm a damn good one. My kid is happy, healthy, smart. And yes, she cries. She asks me for popsicle for breakfast and I say no? She's gonna cry. She wants to watch Strawberry Shortcake 24 times in a row, and I say no? She's gonna cry.


And now I feel like I"m walking on eggshells. I'm terrified that if my kid makes one sound, she's gonna call CPS.

I feel so unsafe here, and I'm thinking about taking my kid to work with me later. Not to mention that my kid currently has an ear infection and she IS GOING TO CRY.


And also, a side note: This is the same neighbor who left her small dog in her frontyard for an entire day. Some other neighbors asked if I we had a bowl we can put water in, and my husband brought down a bowl of water for the dog. He drank three big cool-whip containers full of water in one sitting. Later, when the downstairs neighbor got home, the other neighbors knocked on her door and told her they watered the dog that had been outside all day. She said, "Ok." and slammed the door in their face.

I am so mad right now.

Edited for grammar and spelling mistakes because I wrote this in haste with tears in my eyes.