Today was the SECOND TIME in a WEEK AND A HALF that I was scheduled for a job interview, but the position was filled before my interview! However, at least the firm today went ahead with the scheduled interview, it went swimmingly, and the managing partner said she really liked me and if they get a new client that they anticipate getting, then she will be hiring again and we'll talk then. SO AWESOME but disappointing! It is a very diverse law firm - the largest percentage of women and minorities that I've ever heard of... so here's hoping they end up hiring again soon!

I want to be out of my firm by November because one of our admins is going on maternity leave, and she does all of our checks. I learned today that instead of teaching our only other admin to do it, the partners want me to learn to do it. Why, because I am a woman (and the other admin is not very detailed oriented)?!