Good early afternoon! I have a personal question to ask that relates to the sexing. After American Horror Story: Asylum premiered a bunch of people were going on about how grossed out they were about Adam whats-his-face using spit to lubricate things down there. Meanwhile, I was totally confused because (when I was having sex) I did that all the time.

It made me feel weird that people were grossed out by it and being all "WHO DOES THAT, EWWW" and I'm thinking, "Er, hi. Me. I'm a person who does that."

Do people not do that? I actually always wondered why there was a huge market for lubricant outside of anal secks/masturbating with dildos because I've never used it for anything other than that. I always used my own or the guy I was with's spit for vaginal lubrication if, for some reason, I was kinda dry.

Am I weird?