I'm glad you think you're religious. Hopefully it means you will burn in the hell you believe in.

This summer my dog died and it sucked our bank accounts dry. My air conditioning died. And now my lawn mower is dead.

My neighbor decided to yell at me because my grass needs mowing. No shit. I tried explaining to her and asking if we could borrow their lawn mower. She snapped at me to rent one.


This is the neighbor that when my kids were younger yelled at them for not getting the dog in fast enough because he was barking at 8 o'clock at night and she had to go to work in the morning then threatened to call the police. This is one of the neighbors that stood at her window watching while my husband tried to strangle me. This is the neighbor who's creepy father asked me personal questions about my sex life and mentioned staring in my windows.

You could have said something nicely. Guess what bitch? City code says my grass can be 8". It will be kept at 8". I will also be looking up noise ordinances and playing music outside every night until the exact time I can. Oh yeah, and next time your boyfriend plants "ornamental" grass I will call the city since y'all are too stupid to realize that you need a permit for that.

Bring it bitch.

ETA She probably thinks we're rich because my husband has a Lexus. Lol. It's fifteen years old. She's probably too stupid to realize that means it's not worth much.