Well, that’s not really the question…
The question is more along the lines of: have you ever shared anything to Groupthink that was potentially doxxing and if so, did it have any negative effects?

And the flip side: did it ever produce any positive effects to post something personal?

I know we have a lot of talented people here—I’ve looked at your art work and visited your Etsy shops and read excerpts of your writing. To me, Groupthink feels like a trusted community where we can share our accomplishments and skills.

But I also recognize that this is somewhat naïve. I realize not everyone is well- intentioned. I know that sharing here is also opening the door to potential trouble.

Here’s my conundrum: I’ve recently released a project that I’m so proud to be a part of and it’s just starting to receive some media coverage, too. I’d love to share said project with Groupthink, but the fear of doxxing is holding me back.

SO! I’d love to hear your thoughts, experiences, feedback, do’s & don’ts, and life lessons on sharing something personal with Groupthink.