So we've got a big-name Printmaker artist in the shop, and all us grads are supposed to be helping him. Cool! HOOORAY! YAY! However, between my teaching schedule and my critique schedule (individual meetings with faculty every two weeks, mine were THIS WEEK) I didn't have time until today, this morning, half an hour ago to start printing with this dude.
So then I get a message that he printed extra late last night and won't be in until 11. WOW COOL THAT'S, LIKE AN HOUR BEFORE I HAVE A NEW INSTRUCTOR TRAINING!
So in summary: after a 9 or 10 hour day yesterday, I didn't help dude print because I had signed up this morning, at 9, and wanted to be fresh and ready to go. HAHAHA JOKE'S ON ME!

P.S.: salt in the wound. We grads prepared like 250 custom printed tiles to give out at a banquet benefiting our grad library, but because everyone was helping Mr. Artist, me and one one of my friends shellac'd all those fuckers on our own, Wednesday night. As in, we did that that while the other MFAs got to network with Mr. Big-Shot Artist dude.

Don't mind me I'm gonna go smoke cigarrettes and kick a can down the railroad tracks.

*Shakes fist*