This is kind of random, but I'm watching the NOLA season of Top Chef right now — episode #14. I'm literally mid-episode right now, and Roy Choi, food truck dude, just hated all over all the chefs for their quickfire challenge, where they were asked to create an original po' boy.

One of his major criticisms was directed at Chef Carlos, who is from Mexico. Carlos created an al pastor po' boy... Roy Choi said "he's from LA, so he knows al pastor," or something like that. BUT FUCK. Carlos is from Mexico, and learned to cook at his mother's popular taqueria. He is the one who knows al pastor, it's much more his dish than Roy Choi's. And I feel like someone besides Carlos should have called out Roy Choi on this point. (Like Padma? I don't know.)

Although the show did pay attention to this, and aired Carlos' response ... which is sort of what I just said, it felt lame anyway. Carlos defending his own dish just feels like sore loser stuff, but I feel like there's more there.


Maybe I'm just overreacting — I realize food is one of those wonderful things where people can really branch out and experience other people's cultures in an intimate way. Hell, Carlos himself also worked at a French restaurant, so he has two specialties. Has anyone else seen this?

PS: For what it's worth, I'm not really Team Carlos. I am Team Shirley (who won the offending quickfire)... but this still really rubbed me the wrong way.