Top of the Lake (Spoilers)

So I'm a little late to the party with this one as I just got Netflix and I've been working so I haven't had much time for it. Just some thoughts on it. Spoilers and for those who know nothing of the show TW rape.

I really like the way this show showed rape culture. Moss's character asks for the windows to be blocked in the interrogation room when first talking to Tui, she asks for privacy. One of the first episodes (if not the first) when the police guy who is Elizabeth Moss's boss (AL) says "She can't get more pregnant" when Moss's character objects to bringing her home. No one seems to be outraged that this young girl has possibly been raped and no one seems to be taking things seriously especially when Moss has a meeting to discuss the search for her. The way the men talk in the bar. It all shows how rape victims are treated and usually it's not like a victim. It also shows the effect rape has on the person who was raped even years after. The young girl who was raped is troubled she is not brave and strong.

I did figure out who did it early on for two reasons. One there was no reason for them to bring up the barista program really and when I found out Al was involved that's when I first started thinking it was him. When I knew for sure it was him was when he roofied Moss's character which was never confirmed but strongly implied. She didn't have that much to drink, but couldn't stand up. She then woke up in one of his shirts in bed. She was upset and did mention she never passes out that easily. I also am glad that they never explicitly showed any rape.


Questions I have are 1. Was Matt the babies dad or was Al making that up? They didn't make Matt out to sound good. His sons mentioned seeing him in Tui's bed and he wanted to get rid of the baby presumably so there was no DNA evidence. 2. Was there much of a point of G.J. ? 3. Why was Tui's mother not more involved? 3. Why would Johnno not tell Robin that he didn't set up the rape? She kept asking him to say he didn't and he wouldn't answer.

For a cleanser after all of this I give you a cute GIF. Look at those ears wiggle!

Top of the Lake (Spoilers)