So I just got an open offer from my partner to try out a fantasy of mine because we tried something he had always wanted to do a few days ago. We've talked about how I'm into some D/s stuff (with me as the sub) for quite some time now, but haven't ever actually done any of it. He hasn't always seemed super comfortable with dominating me because he sees it as disrespecting me in some way. But he said that trying out his fantasy made him realize how healthy exploring sexuality is, and he wants to do the same for me. He hinted pretty strongly that he knew what I would choose is some D/s stuff, so I feel comfortable asking for it.

Trying Something New. GT Kinsters, Some Advice?


I've dabbled with other partners, just some bondage really (which is what I think I would like to try out with him). But I don't know how to go about making him feel comfortable. I don't want to freak him out or really make it unpleasant in any way (because in an ideal world, this wouldn't be a one-time thing).

Have any of you dealt with something like this? Any ideas of how to make it better for him, both in the bedroom and out of it?